Baan Rungarroon Co., Ltd. is a real estate company which was founded in 1988. In addition, the company is managed by MR. CHEN JIA KANG and MS. SOMSRI CHUKITSOMBOON. The first project for the company is “Baan Rungarroon 1” which is a housing project. At the same time, the company had expanded to the second project in condominium segment. It is a high-rise building with 18 floors named as “Thong Lor Tower” which is located at Soi Thong Lor. This project became very successful project for the company since all of 816 units had been sold out in a short period of time.

In year 1992, the company had launched another project which is “Baan Rungarroon 2” and this project was also very successful for the company. After the huge successful of company, it was expanded the business to Chiang Mai province under the same name which is “Baan Rungarroon 3”.

This project has a good feedback from the customer, so the company has expanded the project to many phases started from Phase 1 to Phase 7 and there are around 800 houses in the area over 245 rai. Nowadays, Baan Rungarroon Co., Ltd. has been located at Chiang Mai province for more than 20 years. However, it still keeps developing on the style of house and service.

As you can see, Baan Rungarroon Co., Ltd is a professional in real estate business which has an experience more than 25 years. It is guaranteed by 3 villages and 1 condominium. Moreover, our company has many joint venture projects of condominium in China. Importantly, our company has a strong intention to build our customer houses same as my own house. Also, we emphasize on every processes of building house in order to be sure about the high quality of house. Consequently, it makes everyone recognize Baan Rungarroon as a happy and warm place of living.

To be a leader in quality accommodation with perfect society environment